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The poems of James Austen ~
an introduction by Maureen Stiller of the
Jane Austen Society.



The poetry of James Austen which refers to members of the Fowle family and Kintbury – an introduction by Maureen Stiller of the Jane Austen Society.

Thomas Fowle, Fulwar Fowle’s father, was a friend of Mr Austen from University days. Thomas’ son, also Fulwar, went to Steventon as a student of Mr Austen’s somewhere around 1798 — 9.

Frank Stuart, another pupil there, accused Mrs Austen of partiality in writing verses for Fulwar and not for him. Mrs Austen replied in a poem exclusively for him, but in which she hinted that Fulwar was the better scholar of the two and therefore more deserving of praise.

James Austen much admired the more dominant Fulwar writing, in 1780, “The Epistle” and dedicating it to him.

Fulwar matriculated in 1781, graduated in 1785 and succeeded his father as vicar of Kintbury in 1798 and was so until his death in 1840.

Fulwar’s younger brothers, William and Charles both followed him as pupils at the Steventon Rectory in 1796.

It seems that Mrs Craven, she of the “stern, tyrannical temper” married off her docile daughter, Jane, to Fulwar whiIe her other three daughters1 Iess-docUeandrnureunhYiWWä

The rest of his history you know from the talk.


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